During the early 2000 Gurgaon the bust on the real estate. of the location of the contribution target most at DINK couples of people working at MNC. The price Tag the possessions even at the time was as. the price of the many of the property even today in Delhi NCR.

It will prefer market its presence to the international airport. However, over the year, the city rotate out of the complete real estate.

Flat in Gurgaon

Flat in Gurgaon marketing by offer all the part of people now it has an affordable housing center. It used to be the place for people with desire and motion.

MNCs made it the seek after place main by the people working in these. company and people who would love to live around. an area that can give them a good employment chance.

Moderate to extend realtors also register that the market. is not only for one piece but for real estate to extend they have a focus. on all pieces.” In the mid-2000s, the two places that were in the publicity as far as Gurugram.

Gurgaon real estate goes were the Golf Course Road

Flat in Gurgaon real estate goes were the Golf Course Road and the MG Road. While Golf Course Road offer a good mix of residential and commercial, MG Road was approve for malls and its connectivity to the NH-8.

Then in the late 2000s, developers start focusing more on Golf Course Road, and Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) mainly because of the saturation setting in these locations.

The collision was the rise in prices as from Rs 3,000 per sq.ft. in 2008 they went far off Rs 6,000 per sq ft in a short time.

The trust in these areas was such that developers were selling. projects at higher prices and no good project price less than Rs 6,000-7,000 per sq ft towards the end of 2012. 

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