Greater Noida Authority has offered an extension of two years for the cooperative housing societies that existed before 2006 and those for federal government personnel to get the certificate of completion (CC) through the payment of an amount of 8% per year of the price of the plot.

Officials said on Friday that the time extension was approved by the Greater Noida Board at its meeting in Lucknow held on Friday after it was informed that CCs could not be issued to some societies constructed in or before 2016 in Greater Noida due to failure of time,

The officials stated on Friday that the extension of time was approved by the Greater Noida Board at their meeting in Lucknow. This was after being informed that CCs were not able to be issued to certain societies that were established before 2016 in Greater Noida due to time failure.

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An official stated that the societies had demanded an extension of time from the Authority. This is why the board suggested the idea of allowing an extension of time following the payment of fees on Friday.

In the same way, the Authority Board also offered another six months’ time for builders to obtain the certificate of completion. The official added,

Some builder projects in Greater Noida have been delayed, due to which late fees are being levied. The builders are trying to get the certificate of completion so that the registry of flats can be done.

The Department for Industrial Development released Instructive documents in July 2022 to extend the time to six months. Therefore, the Greater Noida Authority’s Board offered an available time duration of 6 months to obtain the completion certificates for societies.

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The Additional Chief Secretary and Chairman for Three Gautam Budh Nagar authorities, Arvind Kumar, presided over the 127th Board meeting for the Greater Noida Authority.

Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari and, Yamuna Authority CEO Arun Vir Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Noida Authority, Surendra Singh, were present at the meeting, which was held on Friday.

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