GURUGRAM:  Residents of society have a complaint about fresh cracks in the balconies of towers F and E of Chintels Paradiso, the housing society, where due to vertical collapse of five living room floors left two residents dead earlier this year, set alarm bells ringing again and again, a team from the district town and country planning department visited for the survey of flats.

The District Town and country planning department (DTCP) has visited the society and said the balconies of some apartments in these two towers need immediate attention or observation

The district town and country planning department, who visited the society, said the balconies of some apartments in the two towers need immediate attention.

Gurugram ‘s deputy commissioner will likely visit the society

Gurugram ‘s deputy commissioner will likely visit the society on Wednesday, after which the future course of action will be decided. The backdown happened at Tower D on February 10, which was empty after this incident.

District town planner (enforcement) Amit Madholia said that after we were alerted by the society’s residents about the cracks in balconies, we also inspected different floors of towers E and tower F on Monday night.

During the inspection of the floors, we found that one of the balconies on the fourth floor of Tower E was the sink. Many other balconies in both towers are dilapidated or in bad condition, as found after an inspection.

According to the DTCP, some immediate measures or steps taken to strengthen the balconies were undertaken by the developer after the DTCP team issued directions to take quick steps to repair the balconies. 

We have also look for a list of occupants in these two towers of society. During the visit, a detailed discussion was held with the residents to get their views on the situation, Amit Madholia also said. 

Magnolia also said that the deputy commissioner, Nishant Yadav, was notified of the situation on Tuesday.

District Town and country planning department (DTCP)

It was decided that a committee or team made by him would visit the society on Wednesday and analyse the situation; after that, they will take the next step, he said.

The Gurugram Deputy commissioner said to TOI that he, along with the additional deputy commissioner, will visit the society soon and examine the condition of the situation and the range of damage in the balconies of the two towers of the society.

After the inspections, the authorities will take corrective actions in the affected towers, he said.

Some sources also said that both towers could be empty for the safety of people in society. After that, a decision on repair work will be taken based on the inspection or audit report.

Larisa Realtech

In any situation, the safety of residents is our top priority. If the towers are vacated or empty, the government allows permission, and the restoration and repair works can start.

There will be more clarity when the structural audit report of building homes results.

However, the role of the project’s contractor, Bhayana Builders, will be investigated by the authorities and allotted team, as they were responsible for the same as per our agreement, a Chintels resident said.

Despite many attempts by TOI, the contractor couldn’t be contacted.

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