In stage 1, CAQM has recommended dust mitigation by examining municipalities, C&D or hazardous waste, water sprinkling, automated road sweeping, and anti-smoke guns on construction sites, among other suggestions.

Noida: CCTVs on construction sites

CCTVs (NOIDA | GHAZIABAD):  The authorities of both cities have drawn up plans to implement the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) starting on October 1.

Suhas LY, the Noida district magistrate, told the media that there was a meeting for all stakeholders, including the Noida Authority pollutant control body, police traffic etc., to discuss the various measures to ensure the quality of the air. “A meeting is planned for Friday, too. We will ensure that we enforce the rules stage-wise to comply with CAQM guidelines and initiate action against violators,” he added.

Four Phases of Implementing GRAP (CCTVs on Construction Sites)

In March, CAQM issued a revised directive for NCR and categorized the process of implementing GRAP into four phases according to the quality of the air -poor (AQI 201-300), extremely poor (AQI 300-400) as well as ‘severe’ (AQI 401-450) and “severe-plus” (AQI > 350).

In stage 1, CAQM has recommended dust reduction by examining city, C&D and other hazardous wastewater sprinklings, mechanized sweeping of roads, anti-smoke weapons on construction sites, and CCTVs in addition to other suggestions.

Implementing Measures After GRAP Start

Avinash Tripathi OSD of the Noida Authority Avinash Tripathi is fully prepared to implement the measures starting on October 1. We have the power of 10 vehicles to clean 300 km of roadways each day.

Beginning on October 1, paths and roads will be washed twice weekly. We will spray STP water over the streets and ensure that construction materials are adequately covered during transport and at construction places. We will also deploy anti-smog guns in locations for construction, CCTVs for Security, he added.

PP Singh, an assistant environmental engineer at the polluting board of Noida the measures would come with fines. Last year, the most significant penalties were handed out to developers who had violated building norms.

As soon as the GRAP is in force, we will carry out an enforcement campaign,” he added. In the past, the pollution board handed out fines of around Rs 7.6 million to 315 people who had broken the law in Noida.

Implementing Measures in Gaziabad

In Ghaziabad, the authorities are in the process of implementing measures. The UP-pollution control body has been in touch with GDA, UP Housing Board and UPSIDC to set up Pan tilt and Zoom (PTZ) CCTVs cameras on every construction site with an area of approx.  20,000 square meters and more.

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Furthermore, the land that is 500 square meters or more in which construction is under process must be registered on the website of the pollution control board, and it is compulsory to conduct dust control audits in Noida.

RK Gupta, Chief Engineer at Graded Response Action Plan, said that in conformity with the UPPCB directive, we had issued notices to all contractors to stop installing cameras on construction sites with an area greater than 20,000 sqm. The URL must be communicated to the UPPCB, who will keep an eye on the site.

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