Noida: Supertech will shortly begin the structural examination of ATS Green Village and Emerald Court, the societies located on the opposite sides of the twin towers that were demolished on August 28.

The real estate firm will present its document to Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) and Noida Authority, by September 28, officials stated.

Noida Authority

On Wednesday, the Noida Authority held the first meeting of the stakeholders, which included the officials of these societies, following the twin towers’ destruction and discussion on the plan to eliminate around the 80,000 tonnes of waste disposed of at the site of the twin towers.

After discussion, the walkway connecting the towers and the Aster structures in Emerald Court needs to rebuild. That was destroyed for the project to bring these towers to a halt.

At the meeting, officials from Central Building Research Institute, Edifice Engineering (the demolition company), Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), Supertech, and members of Emerald Court and ATS Village RWAs.

Edifice reported that reports on air and ground vibrations, structural analysis, visual inspection, and break gauge measurements were being prepared.

CEO Ritu Maheshwari stated that she had directed Edifice to barricade the debris on September 15 while maintaining its height at 10 meters and using two layers of the fiber-based textile as recommended by Central Building Research Institute.

Instructions were also issued to provide detailed reports regarding vibration measurement, an inspection, and measurements of crack gauges before September 20.

The repair of the damaged wall that forms the boundary in the ATS Green Village, which was fractured in the deconstruction of towers, must be completed before September 30.

Ritu Maheshwari has also requested Edifice to install at least six anti-smog weapons to safeguard nearby residents from dust pollution once the debris is broken down because of demolition.

Larisa Realtech

When water sprinklers are utilized, Central Building Research Institute and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board will propose various methods to reduce the amount of noise pollution and air pollution caused by the demolition of towers.

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