NOIDA: Residents of Supertech Emerald Court said on Monday they have written to the Noida Authority over the slow speed of waste removal from the Sector 93A society, which was ground zero level of the twin towers demolition in the last month.

The process of transporting waste from the construction and demolition waste plant in Sector 80 began on September 11. Still, they said only 200 tons of debris had been removed after Supertech’s demolition.

Sources said the waste of 8,000 tones had not been removed for the last week after demolition. Transporting waste to the construction site and demolition waste plant in Sector 80 began on September 11, but only 200 tons of debris had been removed.

Supertech Emerald Court

UBS Teotia, Emerald Court RWA president, said that we are not facing any dust or air pollution due to continuous rainfall in Delhi-NCR over the past few days.

But the situation will become worse as winter arrives. Some trucks were seen on the site earlier, but it has completely stopped cleaning the debris. We have written to the NOIDA Authority and await its action on this concern. 

Previously, some experts have raised their concern about the dust from the waste, which was expected to take at least three months to clear by the earliest estimate, will clash with the annual winter pollution season.

According to the management plan, about 48,000 tons of waste should be used to fill society’s basement, and 28,000 tons of trash are to be transported and processed at the C&D plant in the coming three months.

About 4,000 tons of steel and iron bars recovered from the heap of waste would be sold by the demolition company Edifice Engineering to recover some of its project cost.

Edifice officials

Edifice officials said that some technical issues stopped waste transportation to the plant when asked.

Mayur Mehta, project manager of Edifice Engineering, said that the work of splitting vast pieces of concrete and bricks into smaller pieces is going on at the demolition site. The transportation of waste will start as soon as possible we are in the process of sorting out the issues with the building developer.

A spokesperson refused to comment for the developer of Supertech.

It is the responsibility of Edifice Engineering to transport waste to the plant, but Supertech has to bear the cost of the C&D waste being processed at the plant.

Larisa Realtech

Noida Authority

Noida Authority officials are aware of this matter and said on Monday that apart from the processing plant, a plan is being looked into to dump a portion of the waste at an empty plot of land in Greater Noida.

The pollution department has ordered the builder to inspect the demolition site and judge its feasibility. This plan required the permission of the local authority for the work. 

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