According to the Noida authority’s building plans, Supertech announced that the twin towers would be demolished and rebuilt.

According to the group, demolishing the towers would not affect the delivery of other homebuyer projects.

According to the Supreme Court order, the towers in Noida’s Emerald Court complex are demolished.

Ceyane and The Twin Tower were manufactured by Noida Authority and also a piece of Emerald Court Project at sector 93. Supertech Ltd stated that the Noida Authority approved the building plans for the Project, which included the two towers. This was in strict accordance with the then-prevailing Building Bye-laws.

The authority was informed that the building plan had been followed, and the construction was completed after payment.

Twin towers building plan approved by Noida Authority.

“Anyway, the Hon’ble Supreme Court did not track down the improvement OK on unique grounds and made hits to eradicate the two zeniths. Supertech stated that they regard the sets of Apex Court and are determined to do something similar.”

According to the statement, the company had given the demolition work to Edifice Engineering, a world-renowned agency specializing in safe high-rise building demolition.

“They have conveyed more than 70,000 units and zeroed in on conveying the extra homebuyers inside the time frame. All homebuyers are assured that the Supreme Court order will not impact any other ongoing projects and that all other projects will be continued.”

Larisa Realtech

The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of these towers in August 2013. They housed over 900 flats.

The Supreme Court ordered that all homebuyers be reimbursed with 12 percent interest and Rs 2 crore to the Residents Welfare Association for harassment resulting from the construction of the twin tower.

Justices D Y Chandrachud & M R Shah ruled that the Allahabad High Court’s April 11, 2014 verdict, which ordered the demolition of the twin tower, was unconstitutional.

The court stated that Supertech’s twin tower of 40 stories with 915 flats each and 21 shops were constructed in collaboration with the Noida Authority.

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