Here Are 8 creative Diwali Decoration Ideas Which Transforms your home's appearance   


Rangolis are an integral part of Diwali decoration. You may even write a message such as Happy Diwali, Welcome or God Bless with Rangoli colours on one side is looks more beautiful.You might even use the Rangoli colors to create a message on one side, such "Happy Diwali," "Welcome,"

Tea Light Holders and Lantern

Tea light holders or lanterns enhance the ambience of your space in seconds. It will make for one of the best offbeat Diwali decoration ideas. The light will give your home very beautifu and awesome look.

Fairy Lights in a Glass Bottle

One popular Diwali décor component is fairy lights. However, if this year you don't want to decorate your home with the standard items, you can add a distinctive touch to it with this creative idea. To create an alluring environment, hang them properly or just arrange them in different areas throughout your house.


Indoor plants will undoubtedly readily enhance the appeal of your space. Intriguing or unusual Diwali decoration ideas can be found by putting indoor plants in attractive or unusual pots. Aloe vera, areca palm, snake plant, peace lily, jade, and bamboo plant etc are placed according to the place.

Wind Chime

This is one of those unusual Diwali decoration ideas that will improve the atmosphere in your home and attract good vibes. The calming sound of the wind chimes will improve your mood and infuse the space with positive energy. These will gives you festival vibes.


For Diwali, consider dedicating an entire wall to dream catchers in different colors. They are elaborate, beautiful and can be made at home with a little time and creativity. many online tutorials can explain how to make and use of them. You can opt for the same design in different colors or combine different designs for a versatile look.

Floral Curtain

During Diwali, it is popular to hang marigold garlands at the entrance and also inside the house. Hang different types of flowers together with strings to create a kind of beautiful curtain. You can choose flowers of the same color, especially if they are bright red, bright yellow or orange.


Lighting earthen lamps or diyas holds special significance on Diwali as it is the topmost decoration ritual followed by all across the country. Apart from normal earthen diyas, you can also find many colorful and beautiful earthen lamps in the markets.