Best Bedroom Colours As Per Vastu

Creating a harmonious and balanced space in your bedroom is essential for a relaxing return. According to the ancient Indian architectural Vastushastra, the colors you choose for your bedroom can have a powerful effect on both flow and well-being.

Blue Color For Bedroom As Per Vastu

In architecture, the blue color of peace. It is associated with the element of water and determines the purity of the flow. Painting bedroom walls or incorporating blue furniture such as bedding, linens and furniture can create a cozy atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and a good night’s sleep as blue is believed for inner communication presence and self-expression is encouraged and creates open and authentic relationships in the home. 

Green Vastu Color For Bedroom 

Green, signifies maturity, balance, and healing in architecture. It symbolizes the natural rejuvenating energy and brings peace and vitality to the bedroom. This color balances the heart chakra and promotes restful sleep, emotional stability, and harmonious relationships. Ideal for bedding, it connects residents to nature and places them in a caring environment. When placed in the southwest corner, the greenery makes it stronger and more abundant. 

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Yellow Colour For Bedroom According To Vastu

Yellow in architecture signifies optimism, wisdom, and positivity. It brings warmth and light into the bedroom, creating an uplifting environment conducive to creativity and mental clarity. Red is believed to inspire intelligence and improve concentration, making it ideal for a study or work bed. However, it’s important to use red sparingly, as too much brightness can cause dullness or flashing. Adding pale yellows or soft tones.

Vastu Recommends Pink Color For Bedroom

Complimented by architecture, pink is love, compassion, and peace. It creates a soft and nourishing environment, ideal for emotional well-being and fostering intimacy in the bedroom. Pink is believed to calm the mind and evoke feelings of love and kindness, making it especially suitable for a couple’s bedroom. This color symbolizes purity and cleanliness and creates peace and tranquility suitable for peaceful days. Vaastu suggests touching shades of

Brown Bedroom Colour As Per Vastu

Architecturally, Brown represents stability, security, and grounding. It evokes a sense of warmth and earthiness, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Brown is associated with the element of earth, a symbol of strength, confidence, and perseverance. Placing shades of blue around a decorative bed can create a sense of security and comfort, and encourage restful sleep and relaxation. However, it’s important to balance browns