Top 6 Best Home Cleaning Tips After Playing Holi

Holi celebrations are around the corner and colour will be all around. Do not panic and not down these 6 tips to clean your home after Holi.

Floor Cleaning After Holi

Boil half a bucket of water, add one tbsp of salt & spread the solution on the floor. Spray baking soda over this and clean after 10 minutes. It will help in cleaning the floor.

Bathroom Cleaning 

Bathrooms will be the dirtiest after Holi. Make a solution using baking soda (1/2 cup), Liquid soap, and water. Spray it on the floor and clean after 10 minutes. 

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Cleaning The Walls  

If colours are spread on the wall, act quickly and use a wet cloth to wipe the area. Now, spray some baking soda to remove the stubborn stain. 

Cleaning The Window

To clean the windows, spray a mild all-purpose soap and let it be for 15 minutes. Use a wet cloth to clean the stains. 

Kitchen Cleaning

If the colour has spilled over to stove burners, just soak them in warm water and clean them with detergent. 

Door Handle

Door handles are the easiest to clean. Combine water and dish soap to create a solution, then spray on the handles. Wipe with a dry cloth. 

Clean The Clothes 

To clean the clothes, you should soak them in a mild detergent for 2 – 3 hours. Ones the color is removed, wash the clothes again in a washing machine.