Top 9 Most In-Demand Floor Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Best Floor Design Idea is something that matches best with the architecture and interior of your home and makes a huge difference to a space and its look.

Turkish Flooring For House

Turkish ceramic tile floor designs add charters to your floors. They come in a variety of designs and colors and look stunning in any room when incorporated into the design and aesthetics.

Textured With Tiles 

This is probably one of the leading designs under the best floor design ideas in India. It is a perfect substitute for the expensive white marble look. Maybe this is the reason for its extensive use in urban homes. 

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Saltillo Flooring For House  

Saltillo flooring designs look exceptionally good in bungalow-style houses with their white walls and tiled roofs. The living room space is great for these tiles, but they also work in spaces like hallways and dining areas. 

Ceramic Texture 

The ceramic texture floor design has been in the market for ages and enjoys constant admiration from various home buyers. It is a very different and unusual choice but still looks very good. 

Classic Wooden Floor  

Another type of flooring that is currently ruling the market is the classic wooden floors come in the different shades of wood and texture and the one in different shades of wood and texture and the image is used most prominently.  

Terracotta Tiles  

If you love a rustic and vintage look for your home, your first choice should be terracotta tiles as shown here. These tiles not only look different but with the written décor elements can completely alter the vibe of your entire home. 

Cement Floor Style  

For a perfect natural background look that works well with any style of kitchen furnishings from traditional to modern. Cement floor designs are not only high on aesthetics but also fit very well in case you have a limited budget. 

Natural Stone Floor 

The natural stone floor design is the epitome of luxury and fitness. Though it is primarily used in commercial, office space, shops, etc, this style is versatile enough to be used in homes too. 

Chevron Floor Style  

Ceramic tiles work best for the chevron pattern. Here the tiles are angled and then put together at an angle. For a trendy home floor design, this can be your go-to option.