Let's Explore some stunning Navratri Decoration Ideas for home to create a traditional look and feel. Get inspired.

1. Navratri Decoration with Flowers

You can hang flower garlands near your windows, in your pooja room, at the entrance door, on the balcony as well as in other places in your house.

2. Navratri Decoration Idea With Rangoli

Decorate your home with Navratri-inspired Rangoli Designs with vibrant hues like the colors of celebration. It will enhance the look of your home.

3. Navratri Decoration Idea With Lights

Hang Lights near the windows, in your pooja room, living room and other places in your home to add some spark to your place.

4. Navratri Decoration Idea With Golu

The nine days of the festival are depicted in nine steps with small dolls and figurines set up in a manner that displays the most ordinary life led by people. It is called Bommai Golu in Tamil Nadu. 

5. Navratri Decoration Idea With Diyas

You will get a wide variety of Diya's in different colors, designs and sizes. Place them in balcony, corner or entrance of your home

6. Navratri Decoration Idea With Cane

you can add some dried or fresh flowers for aesthetics, but the cane pieces by themselves also create magic in your Navratri decoration idea