Simple Easy Rangoli Designs

Simple Rangoli patterns are not difficult to make, but they are not for everyone. You must work hard, be patient, and have excellent creative abilities. Now let's go with beautiful, colorful, simple, and easy Rangoli designs.

Geometric-Easy Rangoli Design

Are you looking for a simple Rangoli design yet something that can accentuate the beauty of your home? If yes, then this simple geometric Rangoli design is for your home! 

Lord Ganpati Simple Rangoli Design 

Before starting any work, we often seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha. And since Rangoli is made on auspicious occasions, it is good to make a Ganpati Rangoli design for your home. 

Rangoli Design for Peacock

One of the most popular and simple Rangoli designs is the peacock Rangoli design, owing to its auspicious factor and the bright colors used for making it. 

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Easy Rangoli Design with Chalk

One of India's simple and easy Rangoli designs is called a chowk purn at home. Older women still do the design to welcome guests and for special poojas like the Styanarayan Katha, Choth pooja, and Gangour.

Made Freehand Simple Rangoli Design 

It is one of the most popular and commonly used types of rangoli. Freehand Rangoli can be designed in different colors and is visible in every home on every occasion. The Rangoli style is also known as the Evergreen Rangoli Variant. 

Flower Petals Easy Rangoli Design 

It is another simple rangoli design that is modern and consists of beautiful petals. The petals look very attractive to the eye along with the pleasant scent of flowers like roses, marigolds, and lotuses.

Sanskar Bharti Simple Rangoli Design

Sanskar Bharti is so-called because of its intricate patterns and designs. The design is native to Maharashtra and is the most popular Rangoli design.

Quilling Rangoli Design

Quilling rangolis are made entirely of paper. Quilling is the true art of cutting beautiful paper into long, thin strips, or rolling and pressing pieces together. 

Using Finger with Easy Rangoli Design

This rangoli is one of the easiest rangoli designs to make. All you need to do is create an attractive color base. Mix two colors, like in the picture above.

Simple Rangoli Designs on Water

Water Rangolis is the latest and most contemporary variant. Candles, flowers, and diyas in water are used to create these motifs. Watercolor paints are still used today and still look stunning.