Vastu Tips for Healthy & Prosperous Homes

1. While the south-east direction of the kitchen is considered idyllic, bright colour combinations help activate the fire elements.

 2. As the food we eat gives energy, it must be prepared in a positive environment. Hence, the cook must face East while cooking to ensure good health.

3. You should avoid placing window behind the bed, rather try placing them on the eastern or northern walls.

4. Choose colours which indicate warmth, ambition, peace, and stability such as red/pink, orange, white, and brown (respectively).

Pro-Tip: For keeping your bedroom as prosperous and as peaceful as you like, keep it clutter-free always. 

Pro-Tip: In case of an attached toilet, avoid the south-east or south-west corner of the room.

Avoid constructing the toilet in any other position than the west or north-west, as it is used to discard waste.

If you have multiple floors in the house, the pooja-ghar should be ideally designed on the ground floor, but it should never be built in the basement.

Pro-Tip: Vastu Shastra does not allow paintings that depict violence or those of the deceased family members as it does not consider them equal to God.

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