Top 10 Smart City in India 2024


Bhubaneswar, the capital smart city of Odisha, takes the lead as one of India’s top smart cities in India. With a focus on integrated infrastructure and citizen services, Bhubaneswar has implemented smart traffic management systems and intelligent street lighting.

Pune Maharashtra 

Pune, the capital city of Maharashtra has emerged as a pioneer in the smart city movement. The city has implemented several transformative projects, including intelligent transportation systems, Highways, and digital classrooms. Pune’s emphasis on leveraging technology to enhance education, transportation, and public services has propelled it to the forefront of India’s smart city initiatives.


Jaipur, Rajasthan the Pink City of India, has seamlessly integrated technology to create a connected and efficient urban environment. The city boasts a city-wide Wi-Fi network, intelligent parking solutions, and an integrated emergency response system. Jaipur’s focus on leveraging technology for citizen services and public safety has earned it a prominent position among the top smart cities in the country.

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Surat, a bustling commercial hub in Gujarat, is renowned for its sustainable and innovative smart city solutions in India. The city has implemented solar power generation, energy plants, and smart water management systems. Surat’s commitment to sustainable development and resource efficiency has placed it among the top smart cities in India.


Ludhiana is the most populous and largest city in the Indian state of Punjab. According to the 2011 census, the city has a population of 1,618,879 and an area of 310 km. It is an important industrial center in northern India, dubbed the Manchester of India by the BBC. Ludhiana is also known as the commercial capital of Punjab. Ludhiana is also a smart city in India. 


The smart city initiative in Kochi includes the development of intelligent transportation systems, smart waste management, and energy-efficient buildings, all designed to make the city more livable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. A notable project is the Kochi Metro, praised for its use of renewable energy and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, setting a benchmark for public transport in India.

New Delhi

In its journey to becoming a smart city, New Delhi is focusing on several key areas including digital infrastructure, efficient public transport systems, sustainable energy solutions, and effective waste management. 


In its transformation into a smart city, Udaipur is focusing on improving infrastructure, public transport, sanitation, and water supply, ensuring that the city's growth is both inclusive and sustainable.  


Kerala's smart city projects also focus on digital infrastructure to improve governance and citizen services. E-governance initiatives are simplifying administrative processes, making it easier for residents to access information and services online. 


Indore, the cleanest city, has embraced the smart city concept to enhance the quality of life for its residents. The city has implemented projects such as intelligent traffic management, and smart waste management. Indore is also add in top smart city in India.

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