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GLS Courtyard SCOs thrive because they have quick connectivity and easy access to dense catchments. While the retail industry is becoming increasingly digitalized, commercial and retail spaces have experienced a remarkable comeback after the pandemic.

This is an interesting phenomenon that has been tested over time. People love to gather and there are no substitutes for a leisurely stroll with friends and family or shopping to their hearts’ content.

The SCO legacy is best illustrated in the GK 1 and 2 markets of South Delhi, the prestigious khan Market of NEW Delhi, and sector 17 in Chandigarh.

There are many options for shoppers to choose from. With its planned precincts and affordable, right-priced housing, New Gurugram is a hotbed for SCOs.

These micro-markets are attracting mass migration, which is inevitable and sustained for residents of the NCR region.

GLS courtyard Shop-cum-Office (SCO), plots are inherited from the idea of a market. They offer the flexibility to own a parcel of commercial land with a variety of services, amenities and facilities, with the trust and legacy of a trusted developer.

GLS has delivered several projects in Gurugram and 5,000 families as a testimony to its vision.

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