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The Smart City Technology and Urban Development

The real estate industry in India is booming. and the government is committed to developing 100 smart city in the country. While some smart cities are almost ready, investors are interested in where to buy their properties.

In this guide, you will learn about the top 10 smart city in India. Thanks to technological advancements, the growing urban population can benefit significantly from moving to these cities. For example, in a smart city, you can enjoy better services such as social services, garbage collection, and utilities. Furthermore, mobility in this city is connected to technology.

With better environmental management measures, commuting, and other facilities, living in smart cities offers you several benefits.

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Key Elements of Smart City in India
Before we take a look at Smart City in India, let us understand the key elements of this city. These include:
• Better connectivity
• Secure law and order
• Fast internet connectivity
• Adequate public infrastructure

1. Bhubaneshwar – One of the Best Smart Cities in India

smart city

This is a future smart city in India in the state of Odissa. This is a socially intelligent city with a good environment for buying a home. Congestion-free traffic and smooth movements to desired locations ensure easy navigation. The city has a good social infrastructure with parks and green spaces for children’s activities.

Bhubaneshwar is home to several renowned academic institutes. In addition, the smart city has witnessed the development of several special economic zones in the region.The suburbs surrounding this city are urbanizing rapidly.

The ongoing projects in this smart city include the Commercial and Convention Zone, UT Incubation Center, and NH-5 Golden Quadrangle. Some of the famous places in Bhubaneshwar where you can buy a new property include Kalinga Nagar, Neeladri Vihar, and Sailashree. Residential properties are in high demand in these areas.

2. Indore

smart city

Located in Madhya Pradesh, Indore is a smart city of the future of India. It is one of the most popular smart cities in the country. Indore has won several awards, particularly in the areas of heritage conversation strategies and waste management.

Smart classrooms and the Carbon Credit Financing Mechanism are some of the innovations you want. Thanks to better sanitation, Indore has become a better place to live. In addition, the smart city has become sustainable and efficient with modernization ideas.

Roads in Indore have been improved and the city now has more effective traffic management to reduce the number of accidents. Taking all these aspects into account, Indore now finds itself in the list of top ten smart city in India.

Indore has several popular academic institutions including IIMs and IITs. These offer students better educational and employment opportunities. This increases the demand for residential properties in Indore.

People are willing to live in the city to have access to better educational and professional opportunities. Some of the popular places in Indore where you can buy property or land include MR 10, Ujjain Road, Alok Nagar, Sheetal Nagar, Premium Park Colony, and Airport Road.

3. Pune One of the Best Smart Cities in India

smart city

If you are exploring the list of top ten smart city in India in 2024, you cannot miss Pune. This city is particularly known for its SEZs and educational institutions. This explains why Pune attracts students and professionals from the rest of the country.

The social infrastructure is well-developed in Pune. As part of the Smart City initiative, Pune has several new flyovers, highways, and metros. Smart buses, ring roads, and flyovers further improve navigation to different parts of the city. Civic amenities in residential areas are also well-developed, including waste disposal facilities and other social services.

In short, Pune has witnessed balanced development in residential and commercial sectors. localities in Pune near special economic zones recorded better development under the smart city initiative. Notably, areas like Pimpri-Chinchwad are part of the proposal to develop into a smart city.

Other notable areas witnessing price hikes in Pune include Wag Holi, Airport Road, Hadapsar, Waked, Buner, and Pimple-Saud agar. All of these places are expected to benefit from the Smart City project.

4. Ahmedabad

smart city

Ahmedabad is one of the most promising smart city in India in terms of infrastructure and amenities. In this city, the focus is primarily on safety and good tourism. In addition, residents value the city’s local atmosphere, cultural heritage, and architecture. This makes Ahmedabad one of the best places to buy your house if you are ready to live in a smart city.

Ahmedabad is commercially well developed with industrial growth and developments in the IT sector. Housing options are plentiful and in different configurations in this future city of India. In addition, it has good sanitation and waste disposal facilities, which were part of intelligent planning. In addition, this smart city has sophisticated urban surveillance systems, e-government, integrated command and control centers, and digital payments.

Furthermore, Ahmedabad is one of the smart city in India certified as a heritage city by UNESCO. Major commercial projects currently underway in Ahmedabad include the Dholera Special Investment Region, the Gujarat Financial Tec City, and the Expressway connecting Ahmedabad and Dholera. Some of the famous places where you can buy property in this city include Kolat, Bavla, Naisarovar, Sanand, and Paramdham Society.

5. Coimbatore

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Coimbatore is one of the top ten smart city in India. Offers you the best solution for sustainable energy and energy saving. Some of the other establishments in Coimbatore offer better infrastructure and social environment. Other initiatives by local authorities include water conservation and water rehabilitation.

The water supply in Coimbatore is good and there are good waste management facilities, solar technology, and infrastructure. Thanks to smart city surveillance, it has become one of the most sought-after city in India. This city’s transportation system is efficient and has several open parks. Public areas will continue to be under video surveillance.

In addition to the established textile industry, Coimbatore has a strong IT infrastructure. In Tamil Nadu, this is currently the second-best city in terms of size and importance the real estate market in Coimbatore seems to be in good shape. Major infrastructure projects in this smart city of India include the Ring Road Project, Coimbatore Metro, and various bus stands coming up across the city.

All these factors make Coimbatore popular as a place to live in India. Popular places to buy property in this city are Avinashi Road, Vadavalli, and Trichy Road.

6. Kochi

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Kochi is one of the best smart city in India where residents can enjoy a perfect blend of modern lifestyle and heritage. In Kerala, the special economic zones are located in Kochi. The government has planned to create infrastructure for sustainable living in this city.

Under the Smart City Mission in India, projects including waste management, sewer rehabilitation, housing, health centers, water supply and more are being implemented in Kochi. Safety and security in the living environment ensure a great lifestyle for residents. Together with them, you have an integrated traffic management and control center.

Some of the major projects that have boosted the development of the real estate industry in Kochi include the Kochi Metro Project and the Villupuram International Container Transhipment Terminal. Other areas of development include coastal economic zones (CEZs), special economic zones, IT parks, and more.

7. Hyderabad

smart city

Despite being known for its historical significance, Hyderabad has made it to the list of top ten smart city in India. Several infrastructure developments have been carried out here as part of the Smart City initiative.

Previous governments have already focused on developing social services and lifestyles in this city. Several IT centers in Hyderabad have attracted investors. Thanks to good career opportunities in Hyderabad, the demand for affordable housing is increasing Affordable land and IT centers have additionally supported smart city planning here.

Hyderabad is the capital smart city of Telangana in India. It is ideal for a comfortable and convenient life. Currently, the development process is reflected in various areas such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. The job prospects in Telangana are also good.

Hyderabad has a strategic road development plan and 135 connecting roads. This makes transportation easy and hassle-free. This explains why the area attracts a large number of home buyers and investors. Some of the prominent places in Hyderabad where you can buy property include the Hyderabad Airport Corridor, Patancheru Industrial Corridor, Aerospace Corridor, Warangal Expressway Corridor, and Pharma City Corridor.

8. Jaipur

smart city

Jaipur is one of the smart city in India, which together are a popular tourist destination. The capital city of Rajasthan has a glorious past and numerous attractions in the surrounding area. In this smart city in India, the main focus is on revitalization and reuse of land.

Some of the ideas that have already been implemented in Jaipur include information kiosks at cultural sites, smart taxis and auto stands, and UG metro stations with multi-modal integration. Automated water quality management and wastewater recycling are some of the key benefits for residents of this smart city.

9. Lucknow

smart city

Lucknow is a city known for its heritage and cultural enrichment. In recent years, it has emerged as one of the leading smart city in India. The city’s commitment to urban development is reflected in the well-connected infrastructure and planned civic services.

The city attaches great importance to efficient traffic management to ensure smooth transport in all localities. Of course, it makes it to the top 10 smart city in India.The IT sector in Lucknow is constantly growing and contributing to the economic growth of the city.

Furthermore, waste management initiatives have not only improved the cleanliness of the city but also promoted sustainable living practices. In Lucknow, the real estate market is witnessing significant growth. This has made it an attractive destination for real estate investors.

Some of the famous places to buy property in Lucknow include Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj, Alambagh, and Jankipuram. A rich living environment that combines technology and tradition awaits you in Lucknow.

10. Vishakhapatnam

smart city

Vishakhapatnam has been included in the list of top ten smart city in India. It is a coastal city that perfectly combines natural beauty and sustainable city living. Vizag’s smart city mission is well underway and investors buying new homes here will benefit from efficient public transport. This further contributes to a greener and cleaner environment.

In this city, the economy is driven by a booming industrial and IT sector. This makes it an attractive destination for both investors and professionals. Furthermore, Vizag’s strategic location and well-planned infrastructure have attracted a large number of companies.

Vishakhapatnam is considered a promising smart city in India with a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural beauty. It offers a high standard of living and lifestyle and perfectly combines technological progress. For homeowners willing to invest in urban living, Vishakhapatnam is a great city to buy property. Check out the city’s new projects in various locations.

Which is the number one smart city in India?

smart city

India’s No. 1 Smart City List boasts outstanding achievements: Ahmedabad is committed to green urban living, while Surat is moving forward with robust transportation systems. Pune is revolutionizing smart governance and Bhubaneswar is emphasizing community-centric urban landscapes.

Which city best future in India?

Top 10 Growing City in India
Pune, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Vadodara, these cities have the best future in India.

What is the city with the highest quality of life in India?

With its growing economy, infrastructure development, and land of Bollywood stars, Mumbai is the city with the highest quality of life in India.

Which is the second largest smart city in India?

“India Smart Cities Conclave 2023: Indore wins the award for the best smart city in the country.” Surat, Gujarat secured the second position and Agra secured the third position in the country. Madhya Pradesh was also adjudged the best state in the country,” ANI tweeted.

What is the BJP’s smart city plan?

The mission was to cover 100 cities, with the deadline for completion of the projects set between 2019 and 2023. As of September 2023, 6,188 out of a total of 7,960 tendered projects have been completed, consuming Rs 113,721 crore of the total tendered amount of Rs 171,432 million.

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