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Delhi Mumbai Expressway | Latest Updates, Completition Date, Route Map, Toll Charges & More

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway is the first of its kind, a greenfield road that directly connects the capital of India, Delhi, with the financial capital of India, Mumbai. It is a 12-lane, under-construction (partially opened) expressway maintained by the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India).

It will reduce the travel time between Mumbai and Delhi from 24 to 12 hours. It will definitely help reduce travel time, fuel consumption, and effort. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway’s total length is 1350km. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Sohna-Dausa stretch of the Delhi Mumbai expressway on February 12, 2023. Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Nitin Gadkari, and VK Singh were also present at the inauguration.

It will connect major economic hubs in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. This seamless connectivity is expected to boost trade and commerce between these regions.

The expressway incorporates several green initiatives, including solar power generation and rainwater harvesting systems. It is also designed with advanced safety features, such as intelligent traffic management systems and crossing wildlife, to minimize accidents and protect the environment.

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway is a significant infrastructure project providing a direct and efficient road link between Delhi and Mumbai, two of India’s most important cities. Union Road Trasport & Highway Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari laid the foundation of this project in March 2019. 

What is the Route of New Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

This route will pass through five significant Indian states: Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. 

Here’s an overview of the expressway route:

Starting Point: This expressway begins at Sohna, near Gurugram, Haryana, a short distance from south Delhi.

Ending Point: This expressway finishes at Mumbai, Maharashtra, specifically near Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), facilitating access to India’s largest container port.

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Key Route Details

1. Haryana: The expressway starts in Sohna, Gurugram district, and passes through districts like Palwal and Nuh.

2. Rajasthan: Entering Rajasthan, the expressway passes through several key areas, including Alwar, Bharatpur, Dausa, and Kota. This segment is designed to improve connectivity to these regions’ industrial hubs.

3. Madhya Pradesh: In Madhya Pradesh, the route moves through Mandsaur, Ratlam, and Jhabua. This part of the route is significant for linking the central parts of India with the expressway.

4. Gujarat: The expressway enters Gujarat and covers essential areas like Dahod, Vadodara, and Bharuch. Vadodara is a major junction where the expressway intersects with other significant highways.

5. Maharashtra: The final leg of the journey runs through Maharashtra, entering via Valsad and proceeding towards Mumbai. It connects to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, specifically reaching close to the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT).

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Key Features of Mumbai Delhi Expressway Route 

Here are the highlights of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway route:

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What will the impact of the Mumbai Delhi Expressway be?

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is a transformative project that will improve connectivity between Delhi and Mumbai, stimulate economic growth, improve logistics, and contribute to sustainable development.

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Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route Map

Here is the route map of Delhi Mumbai Expressway connecting India’s five major states.

Delhi Mumbai Expressway State Wise Route

Delhi mumbai expressway passes through 5 states Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra. 

Here is the state wise length of Delhi Mumbai expressway route.

Names of StatesRoute Length
Haryana80 Kms
Rajasthan380 Kms
Maharashtra120 Kms
Gujarat300 Kms
Madhya Pradesh370 Kms

Mumbai Delhi Expressway Route in Haryana 

Here is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Haryana. 

Flyover Interchange on NH-919Bhirawati Village in Sohna
Flyover Interchange between Nuh-Hodal and Nuh-Ujina LinkMDR (Major District Road) 132
Cloverleaf Interchange on Western Peripheral Expressway Near Khalilpur Village in Gurgaon
Interchange between Bhadas and HathinBhadas, MDR (Major District Road) 135
Flyover Interchange on the Mooltan-Hodal SectionWest of Pinangwan, MDR (Major District Road) 131
Flyover Interchange on NH 22East of Ferozepur Jhirka
Kolgaon, South of Ferozpur JhirkaHaryana-Rajasthan Border

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Rajasthan

Here is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Rajasthan.

NH45, NH14, and NH44 InterchangesAlwar
Interchange at NH25ARajgarh 
Interchange on Manoharpur-Dausa HighwayNH148
NH21 and NH23 IntersectionsJaipur
Indragarh InterchangeNH29
Interchange South-West of Sawai MadhopurNH552
NH34, NH52, and NH27 InterchangesKota
Rawatbhata InterchangeNH9A
Neemuch InterchangeNH31A

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Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route In Gujarat

Here is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Gujarat.

DahodChhayan Village

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Madhya Pradesh

Here is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Madhya Pradesh.

Interchange East of Bhanpura-Neemuch
East of Garoth
NH31 and NH14 InterchangesMandsaur
Ratlam and Banswara

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Maharashtra

Here is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway Route in Maharashtra

JawaharLal Nehru PortNavi Mumbai

What is the Toll Price of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

After the inauguration of this expressway, NHAI will allow the collection of toll tax from vehicles, and it will be fixed for a fixed distance. 

According to NHAI officials, the toll rates in Rajasthan and Haryana will be the same. It will charge ₹90 for a distance of 19.8 km. The maximum charges will be calculated based on distance.  

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Toll Price List

VehicleKhalilpurShamsabadSeetalPinanBhandrejDurgapurBarka Pass
Light (Commercial)145280390465640740805
Bus/Truck (2 axle)300590815960134515501680
Bus/Truck (3 axle)33064589011065146516901840
6 axle vehicles47592512801535211024302645
7 Axle or More575112515551865256629603215

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Delhi Mumbai Expressway Images

delhi mumbai expressway route map and latest updates
delhi mumbai expressway complete details
delhi mumbai expressway complete details

Delhi Mumbai Expressway Rules and Regulations 

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway has several rules and regulations to ensure safety, smooth traffic flow, and efficient operation. Here are the fundamental rules and regulations:

Speed Limits

Lane Discipline

Toll Payment

Vehicle Fitness and Documentation

Prohibited Activities

Environmental and Noise Regulations

Surveillance and Enforcement

Additional Facilities and Services

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Delhi Mumbai Expressway Completion Date 

The completion of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway is scheduled for December 2024. According to the latest reports, the complete section of this expressway will be operational in December 2024. 

What are the interchanges on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway?

The Mumbai-Delhi Expressway features several key interchanges to enhance connectivity across various regions. Here are some of the significant interchanges on the Delhi-Mumbai  Expressway. 

1. Delhi-NCR

          2. Rajasthan

            3. Madhya Pradesh

              4. Gujarat

                5. Maharashtra


                  Which cities are covered by Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

                  This Expressway covers six states: Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. 

                  What is the speed limit on Mumbai Expressway?

                  The speed limit of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is 120 km/hr for most routes.

                  Are Bikes allowed on Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

                  No, bikes are not allowed on the Delhi Mumbai Expressway. 

                  How much time will it take to complete Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

                  As per the reports, this expressway will completed by December 2024.

                  Is Delhi to Mumbai Expressway open?

                  Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is open, but the entire route will be operational by December 2024. 

                  How many kilometers is the Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

                  The Mumbai-Delhi expressway is a 1386km long expressway. 

                  What are the benefits of Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

                  The main benefits of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway are that it will reduce the time spent travelling between Delhi and Mumbai, reduce fuel consumption, and help boost the economy. 

                  How many lanes are in the Delhi Mumbai Expressway?

                  There are 12 lanes on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. 

                  What is the ending point of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway?

                  The ending point of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is JNPT, Mumbai.

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